Type D Clamp


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Type D Clamp

Type D Clamp, available in sizes M10 (TD210) and M12 (TD212) with a Zinc finish.

The setscrew tail of type D2 accommodates a wide range of flange thicknesses without the use of packings. The skirt on the underside of the clamp abuts the edge of the beam flange and prevents the clamp from rotating during installation. Type D2 clamps can also be used on their own if one piece of the steel has been pre-drilled.

Suitable for flanges up to 5°.

The recessed top holds the bolt head captive whilst the nut is tightened.

The set screw needs to be adjusted so that it is 1mm shorter than the flange thickness prior to installation. Adjust the set screw after installation so that the bolt is 90° to the clamp and the clamp connects the flange within the clamping area only.

Type D Clamp in M10 or M12 diameter. Zinc Finish.

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