About Pipe & Strut Supports

What and who do we supply?

We manufacture and provide Unistrut compatible support systems to those in the fire and mechanical services sectors. All the brackets and supports and metal framing that you see when in a supermarket or factory that hold up the sprinkler systems... that's what me make.

What is Unistrut?

Channel Strut is often referred to as Unistrut, it's the brand name for that particular material. We manufacture the same product and everything we produce is compatible. The benefits of our own products over Unistrut is the speed that we can produce it, while often keeping costs lower.

What sectors do we cater for?

We will produce and supply our products for anyone who needs it. Most commonly in the UK our clients use it for installing sprinkler systems in new or existing developments. We produce everything associated with that trade, including all the channel brackets and fixings required.

Many of our customers also install Air Conditioning units, we produce the brackets that hold these heavy units up, along with a range of finishes for indoor or outdoor use.

We are also now supplying strut channel and channelling to the medical industry. Many components of medical imaging equipment are suspended from the ceiling, so using strut channel is the best way to support the heavy equipment, as to reduce the risk of injury to patients!

Our customer support is just as good as our channel supports. Pun intended.

Is Unistrut Channel Strut right for my project?

Without knowing what your project is, it's difficult to know exactly if it's going to be right for you. However, if your project is any one of these, then we should be able to supply what you need:

  • Rooftop Walkways (for large industrial units)
  • Pipe and conduit supports
  • Fire safety installation i.e. sprinkler systems
  • Medical Equipment supports
  • Cable tray support systems
  • Medium to heavy storage racks and shelving
  • Supports for solar panel systems

If you're not sure whether what we supply is what you need, then get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to help. Our customer support is just as good as our channel supports. Pun intended.

What if my order is only small?

We are set up so that we can provide the smallest of orders, and quickly. We have no minimum order on our site, so whether you're a sole trader who just requires a few pieces of Unistrut for a shelving unit, or you're a large management company taking on a full multi-million pound project, then we can help you.

I need a custom job, can you help?

Yes, please call us to discuss your requirements. Our factory is on-site, so if it's something we've never made before, then we can certainly get it done for you.

Established since 2011.

The Pipe & Strut supports company has been around since 2011, and every member of our team have even more experience in this industry prior to this company being set up. We have supplied thousands of customers from all over the world and gained the trust of some of the biggest clients in the US, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK.