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Flat Washers (Box of 100)


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Flat Washers (Box of 100)

Flat washers (Box of 100) increase the bearing surface of a nut or fastener’s head spreading the clamping force over a larger area.    They are useful when working with soft materials, or when drilling irregular-shaped/oversize holes.

Lock washers are also known as plain washers, their purpose is to distribute the fastener’s load whilst reducing heat and friction during the tightening process.  In addition, they can also be used as spacers, which is common practice in industrial and domestic settings.

You may also attach them to the bolt side, the nut side, or both sides of the fastener.  Flat washers aid in the distribution of the force of tightening the nut by increasing the surface area. They may also be useful as spacers when a bolt may be too long for the job.

Finish: Zinc plated to BS 7371-1:2009.

Flat Washers. Box of 100. Zinc finish.

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