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Generally used in commercial buildings, Filbows are small tools for securing fire sprinkler pipes; they are available in various sizes.

Furthermore, they may also be installed in residential properties.

If there is a fire, it is imperative sprinkler pipes remain in place, due to water needing to distribute evenly in order to function correctly.

They offer ease of adjustment both during and after installation, and thanks to the single element execution of a collar and one-piece form, they are simple and quick to install.

LPC and FM approved product.

Used in conjunction with Allthreaded Rod.

20mm to 100mm use M10 Allthread

150mm use M12 Allthread

200mm use M16 Allthread

Finish: Pre-galvanised to BS EN 10346:2015.

Filbows are pipe hanging tools that come in various sizes depending on the size of the pipes. Used mainly for fire protection but have other uses too. Pre-Galvanised Filbows from 20mm to 200mm. FM/LPC Approved product. 20mm to 100mm use M10 Allthread. 150mm use M12 Allthread. 200mm use M16 Allthread.

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